Treasure Hunt


See the world. Get moving. Ditch distractions. Master your bucket list. => Earn NFTs.

An NFT project which rewards adventure, personal growth, and discipline.

The ultimate treasure hunt, where each bucket list item earns you a metaverse souvenir.

A souvenir to display in your second life for visiting the Eiffel Tower, or scanning the QR code on top of Everest, or meeting the mysterious man in Morocco.

New bucket items and challenges will be added every month.

Aside from the ultimate bucket list collectables, you also earn the incredible Zen Token for daily walking and a distraction free phone-hiatus both when working and sleeping.

You can use Zen Token to spin a wheel to win a piece of an NFT collection, some which are rarer than others like Pokemon. Thus gamifying focus and accomplishment.

In the future it will also be rewarded for daily meditation, reading, and other features of a productive life.

It's the ultimate bucket list and metaverse trophy wall.

It's the token that rewards doers and masters of discipline.

It's the counter move to the endless scrolling on TikTok at the expense of sleep and procrastination.

Win every member of each collectable series, and Zen Token crypto on the Solana chain with Treasure Hunt, and have a blast at the same time in the real world!

Leave this Earth with a trophy wall that will be remembered for eternity for your meta-verse persona.

The Treasure Hunt has begun!

To become involved in this project please reach out via email at (but until that email is up!)

Happy Hunting!